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with friends from his Older Men Unlimited club, pulled through with great strength. 'Uncle 's determination, strength and courage, has continued throughout, and even after just a short few weeks, a flicker of movement was visible Uncle 's fingers,' she said. Now Lesley has started a Go Fund Me to raise money to buy a suitable car for Mr Weis and modify his house for his needs. You can donate here. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT BARKEFELLERS! Our pup LOVES going to Barkefellers basically like a home to her. When we pull into the parking lot her tail starts wagging, when we pick her up, she curls up on the front seat and is asleep is no time from non-stop playing! I 't know how the ladies do it, but every time we bring her they remember her name, we have boarded her a few times for weekend trips but mostly like taking her for Day Care to run out some energy especially the time. Thank you, Indy South, for making us always feel comfortable to take Bailey to play!! 21 Winter, Australian Labradoodle, just finished level 1 with and I can't say enough about

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