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lifestyle and early socialization. The program then take you through every aspect for dog care, helping you to avoid the most common problems that arise. Prevention truly is better than cure, and Dog Training: The Fisher Way provides everything that you need to know to enjoy life with your dog to the fullest. You learn What makes your dog tick? How to view training from your dog's point of view. How to establish a great relationship with your pooch, from day one. How to select the right breed for you. and much more. 6. Pet Trainer referral 7. Pet Trainer referral 8. Pet Trainer referral 9. Pet Trainer referral runs a dog and animal rescue and will have names of really quality trainers. Our rescue was abused and left covered blood. He's putting us touch with a trainer that does really good work with situations like that. It won't let me tag their rescue page from phone. 10. Pet Trainer referral 11. Pet Trainer referral I highly recommend Roll Over I sent lab puppy to the owner, for a 30 day board and train program and we are continuing training now that she is back home. is truly amazing and absolutely great at what she does. She really takes the time to

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