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a consultation with your vet, a course of treatment follow, which include antibiotic capsules or ointments. Ringworm. This is not a worm but a fungus and is most commonly dogs. It is highly infectious. The fungi live dead skin, hairs and nails and the head and legs are the most common areas affected. Tell-tale signs are bald patches with a roughly circular shape. Ringworm is usually treated with fungicidal shampoos or antibiotics. Hormonal Imbalances. These are often difficult to diagnose and occur when the dog is producing either too much or too little of a particular hormone. One visual sign is often hair loss on both sides of the dog's body. The condition is not usually itchy. Hormone imbalances can be serious as they are often indicators that glands which affect the dog internally are not working properly. However, some types can be diagnosed by special blood tests and treated effectively. We have only just touched on the complex subject of skin disorders dogs. As you can the causes and treatments are many and varied. order for your dog to remain as healthy as possible, we strongly recommend you get a professional diagnosis from your veterinarian before attempting to treat the condition. Fox, our Sheltie, was 9 months when we brought

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