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vauto training dogs

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problems with the unit. By: Hunts. Family pet. We have been training our 5 month old English Setter for about a week on this e-collar. Am very pleased with it. The factory setting range was medium, which even at a 1 was too strong for our dog, which has a pretty mild temperament. we switch it to the low range setting and have found that 1, and 3 seem to work well depending on the situation and what we are working on. There were 2 DVD's sent with the collar and we found them helpful to watch both of them, even though the training methods philosophies 't align completely. The collar provides a sense of security that if she wanders too far from the house, it reinforces our command to come. Overall, it and can't imagine trying to train without it. Looking forward to using it the woods as well for bird hunting the fall. By: Owns 11 dogs. Family pet. I had a dog trainer help me with the functions of this system, as I didn't want to rely solely on the DVD and instruction booklet. It is very easy to use, and I think it is a better option than the electric fence for our yard. Our dog is responding very well to training with the collar. By: Owns 2 dogs. Family pet. Good price, quick delivery. Our 10-month old was starting to wander off to visit toward the end of walks, and can't

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