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between you and a dog that you trained yourself is priceless. Not to mention a lot cheaper. I found him on the internet and he was the closet to were I lived and I didnt really any negative comments about him. After I pick dog up from there and started talking to a few other professional trainers and they filled me on him and his methods. They say he preys on people like me. When I say me, I mean new to gun dog training and hunt test. dog is only 9 months old. I started training him myself when I got him as a puppy. I taught him to sit, stay, here, and come and few other tricks. I really loved working with him, but working full time and going to school full time ,I just didn't have the time. After all that happened I met with a few pro trainers.I decided on Zion Kennels beacause of his honesty, reputation, and great refrences and I get to learn right along side dog. I go over there

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