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prior to purchase, unlike other registers our certificates information on physical traits for several generations. Such things as coat length, ear set, percentage of and eye colour are included you can get indication of the puppies potential and it's potential for breeding. A breeder happy to show you the certification is open and honest. Our aim is to have the most accurate information possible, occasionally information come to light that has been verified that allows us to update pedigrees to include more information or more accuracy. Certificates with hand written information cannot be verified by the club as accurate information. The next step the Koolie Club of Australia is working on implementing is the Koolie Pedigree Assurance Program. This be voluntary; Koolies that have their DNA certified have their registration number appended with a D. To achieve this the dog must be micro-chipped at the time of swabbing with the number recorded with the sample. Samples must be taken from authorised collector, which includes vets. In this way any offspring of two DNA profiled Koolies can be verified as offspring of both parents

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