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red heeler dogs training

have been training your area for the past 14 years. I only advocate humane training methods and do not use check chains or ANY aversive techniques. speciality is PET dog training and I am sure I be able to assist you. I run puppy socialisation classes at Aldinga and Willunga Veterinary Clinics. I also offer private consultations at your home. They are not timed but usually run between 2 hours. The first visit is $160 and any follow up visits are $120 each regardless of how follow up visits or how the gap is between them. Please call or email me to discuss how I can best assist. Regards, K9s on the Couch Contact M Zero Four Three Two Zero Three Four One Three Four E petdogtrainer AT gmail com We aim to give you the help and support needed to produce a well mannered dog that you can be proud of. Advance Behavioural Training is indoor training centre that welcomes all ages and breeds for classes encompassing puppy pre-school,obedience, agility, trick training, doggy dancing, treibball and special needs. Private appointments are available for training and behavioural requirements. We also provide a daycare service for our clients. I have been training dogs for over 9 years through own business. mentor who took me under her wing has over 25 years of dog training experience. I do not refuse any dog to train .I accept the dogs most others wont. To me they are the ones that need training the most.I use eclectic method of training meaning i use any tool available to me for the benefit of the dog. SitDropStay offers a lifestyle based training program that is focused on you and your dogs individual needs.

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