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make sure you and your family use it clearly and consistently. Take baby steps Dogs, just like people, learn best when new tasks are broken down into small steps. For example, you can't go out and line dance unless you learn all of the individual steps first! When teaching your dog a new skill, begin with easy first step and increase difficulty gradually. If you're training your dog to stay, start by asking her to stay for just 3 seconds. After some practice, try increasing the duration of her stay to 8 seconds. When your dog has mastered 8-second stay, make things a little harder by increasing the time to 15 seconds. Over the next week or two, continue to gradually increase the duration of the stay from 15 seconds to 30 seconds to a minute to a few minutes, etc. By training systematically and increasing difficulty slowly, you'll help your dog learn faster the run. Work on only one part of a skill at a time of the skills we want our dogs to learn are complex. For instance, if you want to train a solid sit-stay, you'll need to work on teaching your dog that she should stay a sitting position until you release her she should stay while you move away from her and she should stay while distracting things are going on around her You'll probably both get frustrated if you try to teach her all of these things at the same time. Instead, start with just one part of the

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