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But it's Cavaliers even big dogs. You can have your Great Dane and your Cavalier, and be just fine. Unlike most little dogs Cavaliers 't cower the face of a bigger dog, instead they try to play! Keep this mind when out public however, because all big dogs are certainly not friendly return. Cavaliers also be wonderful with your children. They are not easily startled by sudden movement, and do not mind being grabbed. On the other hand it's important to keep a leash on your dog public because some children be afraid of dogs and react badly to being licked or jumped on. One important thing to note about Cavaliers is that because they are friendly, and because they retain some of the hunting characteristics of their ancestors, they should always be kept on a leash or behind a fence. Your Cavalier sees no reason not to run out onto the road after that squirrel, or that postman out onto the highway with no regard for his own safety. The Cavalier is a dog often motivated by food, and with the right treat can be trained to do just about anything. Because he is people oriented however a Cavalier does not respond well to scolding, and positive reinforcement works much better with this breed. While the Cavalier is intelligent he can sometimes be easily distracted, it's important to work with the dog a place without too things going on. With consistency the Cavalier is easily trainable dog who respond to your commands quickly and correctly. A Cavalier be your best friend, you regardless of whether you make six figures, and always be there to greet you with a kiss at the end of a hard day. Good luck finding the Cavalier of your dreams, I you're ready

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