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need the emphasis of not moving unless a bird is flushed and or shot. If your first year dog goes on point and the birds have run off, you get lazy and whistle him to relocate. That's for experienced dog but a first year dog take that as a sign that it is to begin self-relocating on his own. Since he is inexperienced, he undoubtedly push too far forward and end up bumping birds, busting and chasing. you're back to square one. Not good... Folks, you just read a summary of a yard working plan. Key elements of that yard working plan are discussed different articles on this such as the following article which addresses HOW to teach command such as 'Whoa'. This is the often-asked question regarding the training of gun dogs. There are different ways to teach whoa and I say up front, there are more ways to skin the proverbial cat than one can way is certainly not the only way. Different ways fit different dogs. way seems to fit Brittanys well. Whoa is taught to help each pup understand to hold his her point after pup has already established point on his own. We never whoa a dog into a point. We teach the dog to naturally go on point by using strong flying quail pigeons that pup can't catch or wild birds if the time of the year and wild populations

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