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at the same manner as a positive marker The dog takes a mental snap shot his mind of exactly what it was doing when it got the negative makers. If the trainer is consistent and only says NO one time the dogs catch on quickly. When a trainer repeats NO several times this only confuses the dog because he must determine which mental snap shot you are referring to. just as you 't say YES YES YES when you a behavior you 't say NO NO NO when you give a negative reinforcer. addition you 't wait before making the dog repeat the behavior, you do it immediacy. Waiting too result the dogs mind wandering off and he not associate the negative behavior with repeating the exercise. If a dog continues to make mistakes and does not seem to be concentrating and your pretty sure the dog understands the cue then rather than repeat the exercise the dog is given a time-out and put his crate for a few minutes Putting a dog a crate is a mental break for a dog. While some dogs

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