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stonnie dennis dog training

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classes like Agility, Flyball, Rally, Nose Games and more. We also offer speciality dog training classes for shy dogs, aggressive dogs, and for dogs of bully breeds, who need a little more care than your average laid-back pooch. If you need a private lesson or private dog training we offer that too! Our classes are held at our new 3 sq. ft. facility Haslett and out the field' at Lansing-area locations. We also sell dog state of the dog training and fitness products visit our Haslett Training Center for a complete selection or to try out a doggy treadmill! Good resources like books, the right leads and harnesses make a difference, too. Contact Us at Reading dog body language is critical to keeping canines happy and healthy and staff and volunteers safe. With this 4-part webinar series you can significantly build your skills interacting with dogs. These webinars are geared towards animal shelter staff volunteers and veterinary staff, and also be useful for dog trainers, doggie daycare owners and dog groomers. They can

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