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have concerns but if you have a good relationship with your Tech's Vet they always answer questions…Please be cautious I swear by for dog. dog can't be a car for more than 5 minutes without throwing up I 't know how accurate the dosage is Make sure you give it to your pet at least 30 minutes to hour before going for a drive. I also highly recommend breaking the pill up as much as possible it absorbs into their stomach easier. I give dog 50 mg due to his severe car sickness, even though he is just under 20 lbs. It lasts very well for car rides and he can actually enjoy the ride instead of being miserable. One thing I that isn't on this list is Omeprazole I had a dog that could not even keep down water without vomiting. Everyone said he ate or drank too fast too much etc. We tried different foods to if he was allergic, but he couldn't keep down water that wasn't the problem. After xrays and stomach scoping and testing, we discovered that his stomach acids were too high and he had acid reflux The vet said to monitor his food and water intake. We gave our dog omeprazole before every meal, gave him a couple minutes for the pills to settle, and let him eat. He never threw up again. Well…not from that anyway. I forget the dosage but for a 100 lb rottweiler, we got the biggest quantities we could. Duh! I 't know why I never thought of One of rescue dogs got car sick for the first two years that I had him. And like you said, even if he hadn't eaten awhile. I

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