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for a nap. We could not have had a more gentle, loving and fun dog than Rolo and we him terribly. Our other lab, ex- guide dog, is missing him as well. Thank you for 13 years of fun and friendship with our lovely Rolo. Just to say is thriving and as the vet said after examining her perfect. She is a wonderful addition to our dog family and has settled well. bank manager also has a slightly older puppy from you! Thank you much. I'm delighted. A 1st class pup from a first class breeder. Just thought that it was about time that we wrote to say thank you for our beautiful puppy Everybody comments on how beautiful she is and also what a wonderful temperament she has! We absolutely her to bits and does our other dog a GSP. She enjoys bossing him around and has done since day one! Once again, thanks....I have to say she is delightful. She is inquisitive and friendly, she gets on well with other

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