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instincts. The key is to develop the natural predatory drive to 'gather' its kill for consumption storage. We need to 'turn on' that instinct at a very early age. I discuss this further on this article. Dogs are like us. They want to be taught the easiest way possible. Would you rather something be forced on you or done gently? Dogs have the same response. the case of the retrieve, we want to gently encourage their natural predatory drive to find, kill, gather. We play retrieving with our pup early on and do it over and over. This is repetition and the foundation of repetitive conditioning. What is repetitive conditioning? If you were ever athlete, your coach probably taught you about muscle memory. Well, repetitive conditioning is the same thing. A Baseball player take 200 swings a day with his coach observing to ensure that he is making the correct swing. That way, when the player steps up to the plate a game, the player unthinkingly makes the correct swing with the correct posture. Your dog do the same without thinking how difficult the retrieve be. We start our repetition training by reinforcing what your naturally wants to do at early age which is to go get it. We use hard bumpers and frozen birds initially. This discourages chewing. Also, we never let them play with the bumpers frozen birds outside of our repetitive conditioning training. I like to start Brittanys when they are barely able to walk! With pups, use light weight objects like a knotted sock. Some old timers say that teaching retrieving early causes staunchness problems, I say HOGWASH. If you

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