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Berloni and Ms. McArdle worked together at Goodspeed on training teaching him ''20 basic behaviors.'' ''We taught him to be calm front of thousands of people, which is a major feat,'' Mr. Berloni said. ''He had to heel, stay, bark on cue, roll over, jump up, and cross the stage searching for White House Appearances appeared twice at the Tony Awards and six times at the White House, performing for President Jimmy and President Mr. Berloni said. 's autobiography, the story of a dog that goes from being abused animal to a Broadway star, told the first person, was published by Simon Schuster, the trainer said. A couple of years ago, began to develop degenerative arthritis, which led to nerve damage and paralysis, Mr. Berloni said. He added that was cremated yesterday and asked that donations 's memory be made to the Connecticut Humane Society Newington. ''He had such a full and wonderful life,'' Ms. McArdle said yesterday. ''He was a mutt, but he was extraordinary dog.'' Continue reading the main story. Dogtra training collars, shock collars bark collars, beeper collars, and pet containment systems on sale at Dogwood E-Collars. Quail bird launchers, and pheasant launchers on sale. Dogtra shock collars for sale. Dogtra training collars for sale. English setters, English setter,champion caliber English setters, dogwood bird dogs, FDSB registered English setters, FDSB, cover dog field trials, grouse trial dogs, grouse dogs, grouse trials, trials, stud dogs, English setter stud dogs, stud, hunting dogs,champion caliber grouse dogs, grouse woodcock English setters, champion, wild bird hunting, quail, quail, pheasants, pheasants, pheasant, grouse dogs, stud dogs, stud,

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