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her walk along the bench to the end. Do not let her jump off you give her the command to jump off. Do this exercise a few times and every time you go for a walk. Your Doberman needs your direction needs to focus on you. Take 10 minutes at the start of your walk and at the end of your walk and work the dog with sit stay stand down and heal. When walking on leash the dogs head should be at your knee. Only reward good behaviour. Best of luck Shock collar? RIDICULOUS!! 😤 People like you shouldn't be allowed to own animals of any sort! Proper training with treat rewards for good behaviour. Being ignored for bad behaviour for brief periods. PLENTY of exercise. Teach the dog to retrieve their walk is ten times further than your walk. Keep their minds active. Plenty of chew toys. Toys which contain treats that they need to work out how to get. DONT USE A SHOCK COLLAR! Doberman is almost 2 years old. I brought him home at 8 weeks. At first he was scared to get off the driveway to go for walks. Then as he grew older he started acting aggressive towards other dogs as we passed them and lunged at bicycles. I read on Internet to put cookies your pocket and every time you pass a person, dog or bicycle give him a cookie. He has found that passing other dogs, people and bicycle are good things and not scary. As a matter of fact, when he sees someone coming he looks for the cookie.

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