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and heatstroke very quickly. Only exercise the coolest times of the months, and provide lots of shade and water for these dogs if they are being left outdoors. While not a playful breed when full grown, they are very playful as puppies. Some of the adult Bulldogs retain a more playful attitude even as they mature, but this is not considered typical of the breed. The English Bulldog requires owner that understands how to work with a dominant breed of dog. This is critical, as owners that 't understand how to positively and appropriately teach the dog that they are not the boss have a dog that simply does what he or she wants, rather than listening and obeying commands. The owner must establish that he or she is the alpha dog or leader positive and gentle ways, without punishing or harshly treating the dog. A Bulldog is very sensitive to punishment, and rarely be intentionally disobedient once they have outgrown their puppy stage. Occasionally some Bulldogs be stubborn and difficult to train, and a puppy obedience class is highly recommended for the breed. An English Bulldog is a very intelligent breed and is a thoughtful dog, not typically jumping into new

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