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smacking the dog the muzzle. There's never a reason to hit a dog during training. Slapping a dog the muzzle --his face-- is not akin to spanking a child for misbehaving. Unfortunately, there is no requirement that instructors at obedience schools or businesses know how to train a dog to be a well-mannered pet, just about anyone can throw a few mats on the floor, print up some flyers, and claim to be a dog trainer. When searching for a trainer to help you teach Rover to come when called, not bother the family at mealtimes and not jump on the kids or Aunt here are some things to keep mind. Obedience instructor: A person qualified to teach you to train your dog. obedience instructor works with people, the people work with their pets. Dog trainer: A person who teaches your dog to obey, then teaches you how to get the dog to listen to you. Behavior consultant: A person with vast experience observing, interpreting, and understanding dog behavior and correcting it when appropriate. NADOI: The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors: a membership organization that certifies instructors at several levels of competence. APDT The Association of Pet Dog Trainers: a new organization of trainers specializing training pets and helping pet owners solve problems. Training collar: Any collar that fits around the dog's neck that gives the handler control. The simplest training collar is a buckle collar. The most common is the chain training or choke collar. Rising popularity is the prong or pinch collar, a torturous-looking device that actually provides a milder correction and is quite

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