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vet too upsetting for him. When we were working the kitchen he wouldn't stay out from under our feet or he would try to sneak off to find the cats. I am not saying that Ranger isn't a wonderful dog! He loves people as you found out when you took him to your vet. People loved him coming up to him to pet him. Of course he loved the attention. Today I take Ranger to the parks to walk and if another dog surprises him by suddenly coming up behind him, he just turns and looks. No more interest joggers or a bike going past. We have also discovered new trails where we take slower walks to if we can spot nature. He is good at slowing down his pace when I want him to. Ranger used to obsess over the cats. He would watch and follow them with his eyes whenever they passed front of him. It Is still a work progress, but having you visit us at the house has helped immensely. we challenge Ranger by doing exercises that refocus his attention on us instead of the cats.

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