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4 and a half years. A local rescue group found him outside, probably at about 5 months of age he probably had always lived outside; adjusting to life inside house was a struggle for him. Cluny would hover around where I, or the other animals were he had no problem with contact with the other animals, but, if I approached him, he would run. And then he would come back and hover again. I didn't t know what to do because I felt like he wanted to be part of things, but was, at the same time, afraid to. Grooming him or going to the vet were always problems since catching him was pretty much traumatic for both of us! When I brought him home, I had dog, Shana after a year, I got second cat, Valentino, hopes that a very sociable, people-oriented cat might help Cluny's trust issues. Unfortunately, we did not make great strides. What caused me to contact Thom was that Cluny went through some behavior changes that said to me that he was clearly having medical issues. He was not eating and he had reverted to really hiding not just running way, really hiding, to where I often had no idea where he was. I was frantic with worry that I would lose him simply because I would not be able to get him basic medical attention. I had heard about animal communication but never had any personal experience. I was just hoping

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