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was having accidents after we brought her home. After a couple vet visits and some special food from the vet, her stools were back to normal. She has already gained 5 lbs and her energy level is higher. We got her the bordatella vaccine. She still has occasional accidents, but hopefully this improve. She started doggie daycare last week with Murphy. They go twice a week at a facility called Camp Canine town and it! The owner said on her first day, she stuck by Murphy's side for the first half hour, but then got comfortable and played all day with other dogs. We haven't started obedience yet for two reasons. The first is I wanted to work with the trainer our home and improve that situation first. The second is that husband coaches football and would be unable to attend training with us. He really wants to participate and we are going to sign her up for a class but they haven't posted their new classes for Nov or Dec. yet. We her! She is such a wonderful addition to our home and family! 10 09 has been adopted! II arrived Maine on Sunday and was as

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