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and I ensured she got training from a pit bull rescue trainer, she could be adopted. more. arms are aching, and I have a serious suggestion: Every dog owner should be given with a guide on how to take care of sore arms after walking a dog that won't stop pulling! Unfortunately for me, I'm serious. Pulling is a common problem that frustrates dog owners because it can be a difficult habit to break your dog. If you want to save your arm forever, I suggest putting place a term strategic training program that takes time, patience and dedication, but is certainly something you should resolve to do. But that isn't going to help your arm immediately. let's think about how to fix this issue the hear and now, and the answer is as simple as this: The ‘no-pull' solution dog harnesses have come to the rescue. If you use one of the best dog harness leads, your dog is discouraged from pulling, giving your arm a break or avoiding one! and helping to manage the pulling problem until you've successfully trained loose leash walking. Still, it's not always easy to

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