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Not all dogs posted for adoption are spayed neutered yet. If you're driving a distance to adopt, please verify that the vetting process has been completed and dog you're interested adopting is still available for adoption. The above mentioned vetting is all included your adoption fee. The adoption fee and what is included the adoption fee is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Adoptions MUST be done at the pound and person as there is paperwork to fill out and adoption contract that must be signed by the adopter. This means you must be willing to travel to our shelter to adopt. IF the dog you're interested adopting has medical conditions or injuries which require medical treatment, we ask that you help with the medical bills we can continue to help the dogs coming who need additional vet care. We are a county run shelter, therefore we cannot control our intake or the health or behavior of the dogs that come to our shelter. Although we try our hardest to place all of our adoptable dogs, there are certain circumstances which any dog our care could be euthanized at any time and without further notice therefore all dogs at our shelter should be considered urgent. The adoption of a more highly adoptable dog mean more time for the less adoptable dog the kennel next to him!

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