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how to train your dog to stay in his bed or on his bed

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aggressive dog training in denver

keeps the harness from rubbing which is problem with other brands. I like you have options for how to use. Mine are still new but materials look very sturdy. We got the package yesterday and They really are the most amazing harnesses ever! And they fit with a lot of wiggle room. I wanted to tell you that the Medium had a lot of space i had to make the harness tighter. If anyone has a dog with exactly a 28 chest, it is a great fit and he still have room to grow it Same thing with the Large. She can still grow a bit and it fit great. Thank you. I went to petsmart with female wearing it and I swear I had about 5 people ask me if I like it and where I got it from. They saw how easy it was to walk her and she didn't jump on anyone for a change. I did give them your website and told them to absolutely get the leash as well. I am impressed with your quick response to question before and how fast I received them. I think it only took 3 days! And your prices for this harness were the best I saw I did tell everyone that they probably would not find it anywhere for cheaper right now. I am very happy with the harness and the entire transaction. I look forward to purchasing more things from you the future. thanks, This harness fits great when no others do. I also 't dog when closing the buckles as I have with other harnesses. People notice that he feels comfortable it and he does. the strap under the body is great. Because it has wide straps, extremely strong and pulling dog,

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