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fenced- dog parks for small and big dogs, Fort De Soto Park has a strip of beach available for dog owners and their furry friends to run without a leash. Dog owners can lay out on the beautiful, white beach and let their dogs socialize with dozens of other animals. If your dog is hot and thirsty, back the fenced dog park is a cooling off area with a hose and two water fountains, one for humans and one for dogs. Once inside Ft. Desoto Park, turn right towards the North Beach and the Paw Playground is by the fishing pier on the left. Brohard Beach and Paw Park, 1600 South Harbor Dr., FL 34285 OFF-LEASH DOG BEACH. A fenced dog play yard leads to the only beach area the county where dogs are allowed. Located at 1600 South Harbor Dr., th park includes a fenced area where dogs can run leash-free during daylight hours and access to

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