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ever be used by anyone who doesn't understand issues and timing. I'd look at vibrating collars as alternative. It constantly amazes me how people perceive some training tools as acceptable, and others as non-acceptable, head collars and harnesses are a particular bug bear, particularly on pups. And to the OP, I you know from past correspondence that this isn't aimed at you at all, just general opinion. No, that's fine, I sort of feel the same. I would have asked the question sooner tbh but we are 'not allowed' to discuss 'certain' things preference is for a water, air or a vibration one tbh. Alot of people here have recommended the David book which is fantastic but he also advocates using citronella prior to a spray collar then whilst using the collar. I wondered if anyone here had done the same or used anything similar I had first hand knowledge of what could go right wrong Personally if i ever had to use one again on either dog or another persons do it would be vibration or water spray. I didn't like using the citronella one but it was the only option available to us,but either way it didn't work. Of course it all depends on the dog,i 't think

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