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you no matter what direction you walk. Patting your leg and saying heel helps a lot when teaching this command. At first, you'll feel a little awkward on how to hold the lead. Here's a tip: To your left leg with you left hand you must shift the lead over to your right hand. If he starts to get ahead of you while heeling, hold the lead your left hand while taking the rest of the lead your right hand. Do a little overhand flip of the lead with your right hand that the end of the lead passes front of the nose. Say heel when you do this. Doing this teaches him to not walk ahead of you. It takes a little practice to learn to flip the lead, but you'll get it. 't flip it hard and 't strike your dog, ever. We only want his attention to remind him he is too far ahead. AND OR, you can use your right foot to correct him. Since he is on the left, simply cross your right foot front of your left leg and let it bump him the nose while commanding 'heel'. If your dog is simply too much for you to handle and you 't have the ability to utilize our method of teaching heel the way we describe, consider Smith's Lead'. It's a good tool for teaching heel. Please, only use it if you can't accomplish teaching heel the way we describe. 's lead comes with instruction and can be purchased from most bird dog supply stores on the internet. Here's one: http: Once pup

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