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me that there was something to this. Diet has always been a priority to me when it comes to our dogs, but particularly for the last eight and a half years or Experience and research had taught me a lot, but I wanted more. This led me to The American Council of Animal Naturopathy A.C.A.N.) where I chose to pursue certification Carnivore Nutrition Consulting and Small Animal Natural Health This has helped to be able to better help guide families with dogs suffering from dis ease become families with dogs that are no longer just getting by, but are thriving. I absolutely educating and empowering families to take control of their pets health and wellbeing and the results are priceless. Although primary focus is helping dogs be well, I enjoy training just as much and being able to assist husband, our trainers, and clients any way possible. whether it's a nutrition consultation or group class, I look forward to meeting you and your dog! Boone Trainer. I all animals and being a pet owner myself, I have encountered numerous challenges. After one particularly challenging dog, I found Sit Means Sit. It changed perspective and opened eyes to new opportunities. I went from client

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