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german shepherd dog training methods

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be more thrilled with the food she suggested. not only LOVES her food, but she is and continue to be much healthier as a result. If it weren't for wouldn't be the girl she is today. I'm pretty sure that, if placed a puppy of the year competition, would win. I am forever grateful. We used and Sit and Stay the first weekend we adopted our puppy, based on a review. provided us some great first time tips for things to get and behaviors to manage, and also introduced us to several other local puppies to arrange pre-vaccines puppy play dates. I would recommend 's first session for any first time puppy parents I'd think of it as your going home from the hospital crash course with newborns, just know it's the start of intensive period of learning. I'd also say that we've run into small-dog owners our neighborhood who really enjoyed Sit and Stay. Continuing past the first session wasn't the best option for us and our puppy. is a great dog trainer! Both dogs took her basic obedience class as puppies. One dog we did at the Nutley location and the other dog at the Hoboken location. Both locations are good for the class terms of space, but the Nutley location has parking which is a major bonus as I often had to pay for parking for the Hoboken class Basic class covers all of the basics and is a good way to establish a common language with your dog. recently I had for private sessions to address some issues and she was great. Lots of follow-up after our session and she

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