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that's when the bad news come that I had only 1 kidney and suffering kidney failure, take Zeus home and make him comfortable said the vet That's when mom started to look for anything that would help me on the internet she come across FIVE LEAF and a kidney treatment program she ordered the lot. RENAL, HEPERA, BLOOD cleansing tonics, and the pet greens I have now been on the program for 7months you should the difference me I FOOD I TO PLAY AND I LOOK GOOD SINCE I PUT WEIGHT ON 7KG. Even vet could not believe how good I looked. I just want to be with mom dad for a lot longer and have some quality life. THANK YOU THANK YOU FIVE LEAF FOR PROVIDING THAT FOR ME ZEUS TRIANTAFYLLOU PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA 21 JULY 2008 Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. Hi, name is Sugie Day little friend

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