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7 hours at night while I sleep. They also sleep about 7 of the 9 hours I'm gone to work the evening, they are awake the entire time I'm home. When we take them out during the day on the weekend, they get their extra hours of sleep the evening instead I guess I'm puzzled. Are you really suggesting that having a dog home awake and alone for about 2 hours is cruel that it deserves the full force of the law behind it? Because if I'm gone 9 and they are asleep for 7, that does only leave 2 hours of waking time. And existential question for you: since the American lifestyle would dictate, by your standards, that most working-age Americans would not own dogs, by necessity that would mean fewer dogs would be bred and therefore born. Do you think if I asked dogs if their time alone is awful that they would prefer to have not been born, would you tend to think they would agree with that? Because that's what it would come to, to be perfectly blunt. I am all for laws protecting dogs, but I want those laws to be based on some sort of evidence. dogs would be stressed out of their minds brought to the office, or left doggy day care, and are much happier and calmer left home alone. I 't think you'd find it reasonable if I suggested we should outlaw doggy daycare, just because SOME dogs find it unbearably stressful. By the same token I 't find it reasonable to

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