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were another 12 covies found this afternoon! Plus, the good news was about our 5 months old pup that sleeps at the foot of our bed every night. She was really running wide and had knocked a few covies previous trips but according to Gareth, she found 4 covies this afternoon, with two of the finds that she held enough for and Gareth to down birds front of her, and her to retrieve! DOUBLE There is nothing like seeing a dog get it! Thanks guys...I am glad you were there with her. Just home from a week at Dos Jefes with friends, a bunch of bird dogs, and more quail than this could have ever dreamed of seeing such a short time. Our friends the Hoffmans from join us each year at the ranch for Deer and Quail hunting and trips to the shopping meccas of McAllen and Kingsville's Ranch Store and some place named the Cactus Flower. Too bad the 'world famous 's Inn closes during the holidays! Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... and I and our combined 6 dogs, and daughter law Sarah and their 3 Brittanys, along with two of the finest quail shooters I have ever witnessed, 's Gareth Cook and Small challenged 20 foot tall sunflower loaded with state of the Tritronics, DT Systems, Dogtra and Garmin technology and found, and even pointed, a world of quail. The most impressive thing about the weekend was the 'size' of the covies...I know, I've been accused of 'overcounting' the past, but these covies were HUGE! 15 plus birds and Small even claims to have seen

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