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venues. feels she learns from her dogs every day. No wonder dogs are man's and woman's best friend. Menu Thanks much for bringing the most out of As you know, we originally bought him as a pet and didn't for a second really think our dream of him protecting us was going to happen. Over a couple of sessions, you made him bark at strangers walking past the house, but still managed to keep him as our adorable fun loving Denise, Aspley If you are the Security Industry I can provide Security K9 dog training to satisfy your requirements. Whether it's a completely green puppy or advanced guard dogs, I can provide quality decoy work and training order to achieve a very high quality Security Guard Dog. This training can be conducted a boot-camp style or on a regular basis. I currently provide decoy work and K9 dog training for security personnel and companies. Consultations and training sessions for guard dogs are also

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