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she wanted to do something with her that would be great exercise for and herself. owns three 's: 13, 5, and who is 10 months old. and her pups have earned Agility titles. She is currently competing with and is competing at the novice level. start competing when she reaches 18 months of age. has been instructor with OCC for several years. She currently teaches Tuthill Agility at OCC. She and has taught agility skills at all levels to handlers with dogs of all breeds. To people who say dog could never do that, always replies: Do you walk your dog? Do you run with your dog? Do you play with your dog? Then yes, with the right training you too can do agility. tells her students that the bond that grows between handler and dog is something incredible and very special. She says: I never realized the strength of that bond until I started doing agility. is aware of and reacts to every move I make. works full time as a Human Resource Consultant with EBS Consulting Chattanooga,

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