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you're ready to step it up to the advanced level. For advanced programs, I never schedule the same workout twice a row. At this point your training you have to constantly find ways to shock the body. The keep it simple motto that brought you to the advanced level is no longer the best choice for staying ahead of the adaptation curve. For intermediates, we'll keep a basic core movement the workout the same place We'll change the execution of it, but it be there every week. Intermediate Chest Workout Week 1 after pyramiding up to a heavy weight the last 2 sets are considered working sets Intermediate Chest Workout Week 2 after pyramiding up to a heavy weight the last 2 sets are considered working sets You can the basic exercise remains the #2 position. It likely stay there throughout the program, with only some minor variances how reps to execute and the form used. This lets the trainee maintain focus on a good basic exercise and affords them a means to gauge their strength. Eventually they'll graduate to the advanced level and the poundages lifted still be important but not as important as the intensity generated during the set. Advanced Chest Workout Week 1 after pyramiding up to a heavy weight the last 3 sets are considered working sets Advanced Chest Workout Week 2 after pyramiding up to a heavy weight pyramid using a 5 x 5 rep scheme As you can the entire selection of exercises changed the second week, and change again the third week. With intermediates I begin to slowly work more intensity into their programs for a little extra push as the program

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