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denise fenzi dog training blog

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that lead to a punishment-based approach. Here's the link to 's blog, and 's story; http: blog ?p=271 The following articles are designed to help prevent others from making the same mistakes this little pups original owners made, who more than likely, just didn't know any better. Please read and share with others! Choosing a dog trainer Buyer Beware! By Lisa Patrona Dip.CBST, CPDT-, ACDBC Beware Positive Reinforcement By Lisa Patrona Dip. CBST, CPDT-, ACDBC. that I have two little fur monsters to wrangle on a daily basis, good dog manners have become even more imperative. So I have been doing a great deal of training and retraining with and Lucy, which means I've needed a lot of extra treats at my immediate disposal! Over the past few weeks, I've been on the prowl for the perfect dog treat pouch something which I can keep plenty of bite-sized goodies to reward good habits from sit to stay, to come to jump! Here are the results; 11 fantastic dog treat pouches to suit every taste and treat preference! Be sure to pin your favourites from the gallery below for your next shopping trip! 1. BONE PRINT DOG TREAT POUCH $20 The cute cotton option is a darling addition to your dog's training regime. It has a waterproof lining and easy-to-use drawstring. Ideal for hooking onto the end of your dog's leash for everyday walking rewards! 2. DOOG TRAINING POUCH $30 Sassy and chic, this dog treat training pouch was designed with the aid of professional dog trainers! It is washable, durable, sturdy and spacious. The removable lining allows for easy cleaning and maintenance and it comes two handy sizes! 3. PRECITA DOG TREAT POUCH $40 This American manufactured dog treat pouch is a delight! It boasts a heavy-duty nylon material

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