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Cavaliers are descended from the toy spaniels well loved by royalty the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries. These sharp nosed, flat-headed spaniels can be seen paintings of the time, by such artists as Titian, Dyck, Reynolds, and Romney. These spaniels became very popular during the reign of the Stuarts. II was enamored with his dogs that he decreed that they be allowed any public place. This meant that dogs were even allowed Parliament, a definite first for the time. These early spaniels were a bit leaner of limb and pointier of nose than the Cavaliers we know and today. This is because as time went on the flat nosed Pug and Japanese Chin became the popular dogs of the day. As a result the spaniels were bred with these dogs and the English Toy Spaniel emerged. These spaniels, sometimes called Charlies are flatter of face and rounder of head than a Cavalier, traits showing their descent from Pugs and Chins. the 1920's American dog lover Roswell offered a 25 pound prize to the person who could breed a spaniel with a longer nose, like those shown the paintings of old. From the short snouted English Toy Spaniel longer nose specimens were selectively bred, delivering us the Cavalier Spaniel. Cavaliers are one of the largest members of the toy group. They are usually 10 inches height, and weigh 10 pounds. They have flatter heads and longer snouts then their English Toy Spaniel cousins. Their eyes should be large and round, but not too prominent Their ears are

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