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and definitely appreciate that this harness does not pull his two front legs together a weird way if he is pulling We it, and are very glad to have purchased it!! Just got a second dog got a second one. You need the fleece halter wrap for the front where there is no padding if you have a short haired dog 55 lb boxer fit a medium just fine, 63 pound slightly pudgy one needed a large for her girth. Enjoy! I've had this harness for over two weeks now and am very pleased. I have a high energy lab mix who gets very excited and pulls when we take her on walks. I was concerned with choking her if we used her normal collar and the other harness we bought chaffed her chest. The Freedom harness remedies all our concerns. She pulls less, there is no stress or tension put on her neck, and she has had absolutely no chaffing. It's wonderful! The package also arrived quite after I ordered it, which was

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