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Dog? Any person applying to have the sub-activity of Guard with a Dog added to their licence need to be able to demonstrate the licensing requirements for a Certificate III-Guarding with a Dog. Existing licence holders wanting to add the sub-activity of Guard with a Dog must provide: 6. What if I want to become a trainer for guarding with a dog as a security activity? Any person seeking to obtain a private security trainer licence find further information about the requirements and process by accessing information on Private Security Trainers. We started coming here when we got a new cat, and the breeder recommended raw food. While we were appreciative of the breeder giving us a month or of the recommended food, we saw that the only place close to us that stocked the particular brand of food was Ringer's. So, we drove out and were super happy to discover this place! The owners and people who work here are super friendly, and you can tell that they love animals from the minute you walk The selection of pet foods and specialty items is mind boggling this huge store, and make it well worth the trip up from Pittsburgh on the weekends to get stocked up! The pricing of products is completely reasonable,

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