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and, thus, retard his development. To develop a pup's full potential, it is always best to err on the side of caution and proceed too slowly, than to overwhelm the pup with stimuli inappropriate for his age or level of maturity. There are no legitimate short cuts to optimal gun dog development, although there is no shortage of magazine articles, books, DVDs and or seminars offering them. Anything done quickly is almost invariably done poorly. Accomplished gun dog trainer and author, Weaver, correctly observes, I dislike short cuts and do not use gimmicks as a substitute for sound training, time and Wehle astutely notes that The actual mechanics of training are quite simple. The difficult and important part is how the mechanics are carried out, and what you have left when the job is done. Canine behavior expert and regular contributor Dr. Ed cautions: I think both playing with a live bird and

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