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These are very inexpensive tools which are easy and convenient to use for almost any dog owner. Compared to other types of training aids, the cost of a dog whistle is small. A dog whistle to control and stop barking uses ultrasonic sound which is above the range of normal human hearing. Dogs and cats are two of the animals that can hear sounds the ultrasonic range These whistles not harm a dog when used properly. Never use ultrasonic whistle close range to any dog, other animal or human. Their goal is to make alarming sound that the animal can not ignore. This is intended to suddenly interrupt the barking and distract the dog from whatever he she was barking at. If used training, you can then follow up with a training command or positive reinforcement techniques. A new whistle that has my attention is one I just came across recently, yet I 't know how I missed it because it's a really popular one. The Fox 40 Sonik Blast. With a name like that, it sounds crazy powerful but this is a real whistle that looks not much different than your weekend soccer referee would be holding. Keep mind that this whistle is made for emergency type situations it's not designed as a training tool for dogs. Why am I talking about it

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