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sufficient. It doesn't always work this way but if you've done your job, it work times and you'll feel better for it. Remember, PV is a terrific transition tool for early training. Here's training scenario 2: A pup learns to fetch quail the yard with great delight. Every time he fetches you use your PV coupled with verbal tactile praise. the pup is taken to the field and his first bird is shot over him. Same kind of dead bird but a different place and a different presentation for the pup. Let's say pup gingerly approaches and mouths it or gingerly picks it up, acting unsure. This is a great time to repeat what you did the yard by saying 'good boy' and using PV simultaneously, thus pup is getting a verbal and tactile affirmation that what he is doing is correct This really works. Maybe not 100 percent every time but dogs, it works. scenario 3: Let's

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