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a program that assigns each ancestor from three generations parent, grandparent and great-grandparent into the best fit among more than 200 breeds the Wisdom Panel database. The doggie DNA test works differently than human ancestry tests, which typically trace both Y-chromosome DNA and maternally-inherited mitochondrial DNA back several generations. Instead, Wisdom Panel looks across the entire genome, not just on the sex chromosomes. Wisdom Panel, like human ancestry tests, is more for the curious than for owners whose dogs are facing serious health problems. Medical DNA testing for dogs is much more focused and hunts for typically single- mutations that cause disease. Urs Giger, a leading veterinary clinician and researcher, heads PennGen, at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine Philadelphia. He says that though Wisdom Panel is less focused, it still has some medical value. Wisdom Panel's purpose is to identify the breed or breed composite, which can be quite helpful information, says Giger. your dog's breeds can help your veterinarian tailor the treatment for a number of conditions, such as anemia, which have different, breed-specific causes. On the Path to Wisdom. I read up on some of the research that led to testing for breed, like Wisdom Panel does, and wandered around the test's consumer-friendly site, which is loaded with easily digested information, including the basics of the test explained

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