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9 a.m. and go until about 4 p.m. No pre-registration required. Just show up and sign up. HERDING INSTINCT TESTING Let us test the herding instinct your dog or puppy. Possum Hollow offers instinct testing a safe environment. We put your pup or adult dog on sheep or goats and provide you with evaluation of the level of instinct and current developmental stage that is demonstrated. We discuss your dog's herding future whether you are looking for a fully trained competition or ranch dog or just outlet for having a bit of fun with your companion. Instinct tests are basically private lessons and last about 1 hour. Your dog doesn't have to know anything to do instinct test. Just bring him or her out and have some fun and usually some laughs as the dogs try to figure out just what to do with these strange creatures. Puppies as young as 5 months can be tested and no adult dog is too old. Instinct Test Fee $45 per dog Please call for appointment. HERDING LESSONS: SINGLES PACKAGES with AHBA JUDGE LEDBETTER Come with your dog to learn about herding. can work your dog for you or she work with you and your dog together. Dogs be taught much the same way as described for our Herding Programs above. The dog's advancement depend on the instinct and talent of the dog, how the dog remains enrolled, and how often the dog comes each week. can concentrate on training your dog for competition or for farm work. Competition handling is also available from Dogs need to be at least 6 months old but not necessarily

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