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Cross after rescuing them I teach obedience with and without hand signals. I train dogs with aggression or behavior issues. I enjoy working with dogs. I also work with shelter dogs I have one and just 7 weeks I fully trained her and she now holds a CGC title Jessica Shoultz, ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer Chandler, Indiana 47610 Phone: Profile: JR Pet Care I am a full time veterinary technician student at College and attending Grooming program. I grew up living and working with different animals. I working with all animals and not afraid to get hands dirty. I have worked at a veterinary clinic, at Petsmart as a dog trainer, different horse stables and other facilities. I enjoy what I do and all animals. Amy Dunlap, ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer Highland, Indiana 46322 Phone: Profile: I am Animal Behavior College Certified dog trainer. I have worked the animal industry for years, working at Petsmart for 2 years out of High School. I started the program 2013,when husband was stationed at Fort Benning

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