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hoping for, a very professional yet personal way with lots of information and explanation. Ros was always prepared to help with any concerns we, as owners, had about our training efforts. The most important message being to practice with fun, consistency and We continue to enjoy training with and she is becoming a joy to be with. It's been challenging at times but very rewarding. Thank you Ros, After husband and step son arrived home with smiles ear to ear holding our new addition to our family, a ten week old lively, very energetic, naughty, chewing everything sight, gorgeous I knew I would need to seek professional help and guidance. I was delighted when finding on the internet 'Bark2School' I was impressed reading about all the services they have to offer the public and I remember thinking thank goodness, there seems to be a light at the end of this tunnel. I enrolled straight away on 'The Eight Week Dog Training Course' which now I have successfully completed. On completing this course, home life is again tranquil We have gained a better behaved, obedient, cheerful I feel I have gained the skills and confidence that when out walking he is able to meet and greet other pets and all ages of people. I say, all of this does not

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