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week learning to sail by day and sleeping aboard a tall ship by night the Sailing Camp; and ages 15 and older can sail along the coast as part of the crew of the schooner Brilliant. Select the camp that best suits your children and give them a to remember at Mystic Seaport! Day Camp Overnight Sailing Camp Community Sailing Schooner Brilliant Sailing Program Call ext. 1 or email Website: http: learn -camps SJ Riding Camp SJ Riding Camp, located Ellington is a state licensed and American Camp Association accredited camp for girls, ages 8 to 16, who horses. Our days are filled with riding lessons for beginners to advanced riders, horse care, barn management classes, swimming with the horses, supper rides, learning how to show a horse and much more. Girls also enjoy boating and swimming our lake, tennis, archery, arts and crafts, evening programs, and field Each session ends with a horse show that family members attend. Call today to arrange a tour. Contact: Director, 130 Beach Road, Ellington, 06029 872. http: index.html or Camp Farnam Located on 72 idyllic, wooded acres Durham and licensed by the State

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